On demand "UAV as a Service" System
Time savings, cost reduction and security for the industrial market of drones.
And you do not have to be on site !

DRAW DroneHangar

Cloud based

Anytime, anywhere access to the complete service offer. Control multiple drones or manage already collected data.

Flexible, customisable

100+ possible drones with a wide variety of specifications to deliver your service. 100+ possible peripherals for control. Available in different sizes.

Process optimization

We develop custom procedures for pre-flight planning, in-flight operations & data post-processing with the tools you need.

High level security

We use high security protocols for transmission, flight operations and data management.

Adaptable Drone Hangar System

Charging station

Autonomous charging of the drone by using a wireless charger or an automatic battery replacement.

For every terrain & drone

Support for all drones transmission techniques. Simultaneously, a range extension of up to 30 km.

Weatherproof & safe

Designed for rain, snow & heat from -70 ° to + 65 ° Celsius with integrated environment measurement system. Includes anti-theft security and Camera System.

Easy installation

The Drone Hangar can be set up via wall mount or cantilever. After connecting the power supply & network you will be able to start in a few seconds.

Application areas

Our DroneHangar system is the missing puzzle piece in order to use "uav´s as a service". Safe, simple & scalable. Our solutions for the industrial uav sector.

For every application the right solution

100+ possible drones

Use the drone that fits to your company. Our hangar system is available in different sizes.

No reconstruction

Due to a modular and customizable system there is no need to modify the drone.

Security system

Extend security with the possiblity to add a security package containing a parachute, GPS & more.

Charging package

b>Wireless charger with the possiblity to add an automatic battery replacement system.

Drones & UAVs

Each drone / uav has certain specifications that determine their capabilities. Combined with the flexible & modular designed DroneHangar it is unbeatable and the next step in terms of service management and field service.

SkyBlue - Software as a Service for the complete uav market

Complete Control

24/7 from anywhere & on demand access to all of youre Hangar & drones. Simple, user-friendly & nearly autonomous

100+ possible peripherals

The cloud-based platform can be accessed with any web-enabled device. We support variety of 100+ devices & peripherals to be controlled.

Workflow optimized

Service-oriented software for managing, editing & optimization of collected data. User management with different roles & terms of responsibility.

On-demand "UAV as a Service" System
Make it


Cloud based

Anytime, anywhere access to the complete service offer. Multiple drones control or management of already collected data.


Flexible customisable

100+ possible drones with wide variety specifications to service delivery. 100+ possible peripherals for control. Different DroneHangar sizes available.


Process optimization

We develop custom procedures for pre-flight planning, in-flight operations & data post-processing with the tools you need.

High level security

We use high security protocols for transmission, flight operations and data management.

Be part of our Vision



The deployment of commercial drones is growing massively in many markets including logistics, inspections, precision farming, security and mining. We target solution providers in these markets, as well as commercial drone manufacturers & Uav Software Companies.


Multicopter or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, have opened up a market worth billions in recent years. In the private sector drones are considered a toy, in the commercial area they serve currently mainly used for image and video recordings in a variety of applications.
The biggest development of drones is located in the extension of application possibilities in the industrial sector. Multicopter are currently already and increasingly used in the future, for example for maintenance, surveys, field development and for security.
This strong growth in demand emerged in recent years a number of providers who specialize in the manufacture and rental of drones for these applications and are internationally active.

Risk & Opportunities

The greatest risk associated with our business today is the lack of clear regulations for commercial drone operators. We feel we can overcome these risks because regulations will emerge as the technology matures (e.g. FAA - Federal Aviation Administration). Demand will increase since there is a rising ecosystem of established companies and new ventures providing commercial drones automation services that must rely on solutions for remotecontrolled on demand DroneHangar Systems.


Wasting time & money

Deployments of commercial drones require operators in the field,transport of the drone, manually charge batteries & timeplanning between flight missions, resulting in extremely high operating costs, waste time and limited automation.


This heterogeneous market provides the end customer (interested in drones Services Company) with major challenges. Demand for the service of drones has been generally linked to the use of third-party. Where different locations to be covered, end users are often have to use different drones providers and it faced as a result of different outcomes and possibilities.
The permanent covering of a larger site with 24/7 service is not yet possible. The on-site use and control of the drone to be coordinated and carried out by trained personel. The cost of pilots, Driving and the cost of coordination are not in proportion to the booked drones services. The purchase of own drones would be profitable after only a short time, but should the company hire drivers locally formed and transported to Multicopter to the site. A scalability of the application areas is not given at the moment.

DRAW robotics

DRAW robotics has taken up this problem and developed a modular concept, which enables the end user, cost-efficient and service-oriented to use drones services.
DRAW robotics combines technical progress with the user-friendliness and service of a cloud system. A robust and simple drone system can be stationed on site. Access to the drones can take place centrally from anywhere and from any device. The control of the drone is carried out with computer assistance, a human pilot on site is no longer necessary.


More Flexible

The DRAW robotics DroneHangar are a adaptable cloud based system which can place in every terrain which allows to use drones as a service.
We offer a comprehensive on demand "uav as a service" solution with remotely operated & adaptable dronehangars for protection, charging & transmission for commercial drones.


The DroneHangar serves as a charging station, offers protection against the weather and ensures the connection between drone and control center on site. Flight critical data such as the current weather conditions are processed by it and the Control Center provided. The customer no longer needs to be on in order to use the drone. At the same time from a central office several areas, such as wind farms, to be serviced. The drone can be used in almost every area. The effective range of up to 30 km. The technical components are designed for environmental influences from -70 to +65 degrees Celsius.

Software Package

Access to the capabilities of drones and drone hangar on site is provided by our SkyBlue software. This allows simple, user-friendly and virtually autonomously control the drone and use their service. SkyBlue uses advanced transmission techniques that can stand out the safety aspect of the drones on.

Cloud based Platform

This system is completed by the cloud-based platform. It allows access to the drones service from any device, from anywhere and at any time, providing a full service package. Recorded data maintenance, surveying and similar drones Service are stored in the cloud and can be accessed anytime, analyzed and used by the customer.


Use Case

Technical installations and structures such as Power plants, bridges, dams or wind turbines are subject to strict safety and maintenance requirements. This means regular inspections, which are often very costly and time consuming.

Drone Service

Drones save here much time and money. Even very large and difficult to access systems are the flying robots quickly and easily reachable. In addition, more data can be obtained in the same or even better quality in a short time. For periodic inspection the drone every time needs to be brought on site or the service for hire.
Costs are:
  • acquisition drones or UAVs rent
  • transport
  • pilot
  • transmission, collection and rework of data

DRAW robotics solution

The drone hangar gets installed easily on-site. Thus, can be performed at any time at no extra Directions or claim of any further service inspections. The use of a pilot is therefore optional, because by the SkyBlue software can be automated pre-defined processes. The cost savings is in the recurring costs. For modular service also includes the maintenance of the systems and the provision of training, insurance and qualified personnel for special orders.
Advantages at a glance:
  • Don´t pay for rent drone and all additional costs such as transport for each job individually Setting
  • No pilots at place & send again across the country, can be anything done from the headquarters of control
  • cover several areas of application from a central station
  • take any time to obtain service
  • Always the same and comparable service and data quality

Safe time & money

The first market test showed cost savings up to 70% and time savings up to 80%. This is depends on industry, application & recurrent inspections. Only the Wind Turbine inspection Service is an $6 Billion market. (Navigantresearch study)


Robert Dittrich

Robert Dittrich

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André Wiedemann

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